Conservation Information

Cold Creek Conservation Area is an ecologically diverse and sustainable natural area, home to a wide array of plant and animal species, that consists of 190 hectares within the Humber River Watershed. The property is ecologically significant due to its unique natural features which include a mixed coniferous swamp that is home to the rare black spruce trees. Within the property you can explore 47 different vegetation communities, 15 natural forests, 10 plantations, 6 successional and 13 wetland community types.

The evolution of the property is changing with an increase in education, programs and public use. King Township is committed to conserving and enhancing, where feasible, the natural systems and implementing best management practices and innovative solutions throughout the property. We strive to balance the natural environment while providing outdoor education, recreation, cultural and heritage experiences. A variety of nature based environmental stewardship activities, programs and workshops are offered on site.