Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to interactions with the Township of King’s (Township) website. The Township is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information you may provide when visiting our website. Part of that commitment is to explain what information may be collected and why, how it will be used, and who may have access to it.

Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection Act (MFIPPA) The Township is subject to the provisions of the MFIPPA. The Act is divided into two sections of guiding provisions. The first part of MFIPPA states that all government records should be available to the public with the limited exemptions. The second part of the MFIPPA provides for the protection of personal information.

The MFIPPA requires that a local government protect the privacy of an individual's personal information that exists in its records and that it follow a privacy protection structure that includes rules regarding the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of personal information in its custody or control.

Personal Information Section 2 of MFIPPA defines Personal Information as recorded information about an identifiable individual. When you visit the Township website, you do so anonymously. There is no need to tell us who you are, unless you direct an inquiry or service request to the Township. It is through this process where we will ask you to provide your contact information such as your name and mailing address, phone number, or email address for the purpose of responding and acting upon your request. Whenever the Township collects personal information, we will endeavor to make sure our notice of collection links to this privacy page.

Section 28(2) of MFIPPA states that no person shall collect personal information on behalf of an institution unless the collection is expressly authorized by statute, used for the purposes of law enforcement or necessary to the proper administration of a lawfully authorized activity.