Group climb

School & Group Bookings

Come experience the outdoors in an interactive way! Whether you are looking to book a field trip with your school, a corporate event or a fun outing with a group of your choosing, Cold Creek has everything to meet your needs.

    School/Group Day Trips

    For more information on current program offerings check out our Program Guide!

    Looking to use our Team Pod element? Find more information here

    Feel free to get the booking process started by filling out our Booking Request Form and emailing it to Or call 905‐833‐6566 for more booking information. 

    In-School Programs

    Can’t secure a bus or are looking for an in-school option? Look no further! Cold Creek has the ability to bring select programs to your school! With the use of your school yard and gymnasium or open space, we can bring the fun to you!

    For a full description of in-school programs, check out our program guide. 

    To book in-school or to learn more, please email us

    Cold Creek staff will arrive on‐site one hour prior to your requested program start time to complete a site assessment. This site assessment will include walking any outdoor programming space, as well as viewing any indoor space provided. Cold Creek staff will sign in at the Main Office to ensure the booking contact is notified of our arrival. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Township of King at 905‐833‐6566