Birds on deck

Birds of Cold Creek

Within the property, over 50 bird nesting boxes have been installed to support a variety of wintering and migratory bird species. Nesting boxes are monitored to determine the types of birds that use the nesting boxes. Common species include Chickadee, Tree Swallow, Blue Bird, and Wren. The list provided below provides bird species that have been observed at Cold Creek since the implementation of the 2002 Master Plan. 

Winter Birds Brochure
Common Birds of Cold Creek

Nest Box Monitoring

Do you enjoy observing and monitoring different bird species? Do you photograph birds in nature? If you are looking to get involved by helping out with annual nest box maintenance at Cold Creek please contact us to learn more about monitoring opportunities.

Map of Nesting Box Locations (PDF)

Build a Bird Box

Linked below are a few nest box plans that can get you started. 

Bird sitting on a box